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Ideal Lighting in Horse Exercise Arena

You can’t just stick random old bulbs in your horse exercise arena and expect it to do the job. Horses are unlike any other animals — capable of performing to a high level in competitive and sporting activities. Their training can range from early mornings to late evenings, so riding arenas need to feature suitable lighting and be well illuminated. An incorrect lighting system in your horse exercise arena can result in something too dim or too bright, putting horses and riders in danger with shadows and flickers. That’s not to mention replacing poor lighting repeatedly which can waste thousands

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How Lighting Conditions Impact Dairy Cow Reproduction

Lighting conditions are one of the most important environmental factors to get right in a dairy barn. Increasing the duration of light exposure for lactating cows increases milk production by up to 10%, but light levels also significantly impact reproduction. Therefore, when the ultimate goal is to get heifers into the milking herd and producing high-volume, high-quality milk as quickly as possible, the right lighting system is crucial. Lighting Systems for Dairy Cows Typically, two photoperiods (the duration of daily light exposure) are used commonly in the dairy industry, long-day lighting and short-day lighting. Long-day lighting – 16 hours of

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