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Stand out from the competition with GREYstall hybrid stabling and Helio LED barn lighting
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Make your customers (and their cows) happy with our GREYstall hybrid stabling products and our Helio LED barn lighting.

Lead the way with the best barn products anywhere
Lead the way

Let the other guys follow each other in circles. You’ll be out in front of the herd with the best barn products anywhere.

Partner with iBarn and enjoy the best service in the industry
Enjoy the best service

Finally! Work with a distributor who makes order fulfillment a snap and who’ll never ask you to keep an inventory!

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Many farm equipment dealers are stuck. They offer the same old products (that every other dealer sells) to the same group of customers. No wonder it’s a brutal fight to stand out, eke out a profit, and cling to a slim market share!

By partnering with iBarn, you can offer your customers innovative barn products made with better technology. And you get our world-class service and support.

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