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About Our Products

GREYstall Hybrid Stabling

The rigidity of traditional steel stalls can injure cows and make them reluctant to lie down. This reduces cow longevity and productivity. Stabling that’s too flexible leads to a host of other problems.

That’s why we proudly distribute GREYstall Hybrid Stabling. It helps cows feel more relaxed, thereby promoting higher lying times, higher feed intake, and higher milk production.

Helio LED Barn Lighting

Help your customers bring the colour of daylight into their barns with our Helio LED barn lighting.

LED light is energy-efficient and ecologically friendly. LED bulbs also offer a longer life than other options, and work efficiently in both extremely cold and hot temperatures. Got questions? We’ve got answers here.

GREYstall Manger Front

Most feed manger fronts (like old-fashioned feed rails) are restrictive. They keep cows from feeding in a natural way. Unable to lift their heads and chew, cows eat less. Every dairy farmer knows that means less milk.

However, in barns that utilize our GREYstall Manger Front, cows don’t have to work so hard to eat. For them it’s like grazing in a pasture! Happier cows = happier farmers.

iBarn Welded Products

Ultimate Dairy Handling Solutions

Welding Facility located in Oxford County – The Dairy Capital of Canada.
With over 20 years of experience in the, Dairy Stabling Industry, our welding partners have an extensive range of cutting-edge products to offer. Their entire product line is manufactured with only Canadian steel.

About Our Company

At iBarn, we know the dairy farm business. Back in 1974 our parent company, Post Farm Structures, began building barns. Later we became dealers of robotic milking systems. Today from our headquarters in southern Ontario, we distribute the most innovative dairy barn stabling and lighting products to dealers around the world.

In almost 50 years of business, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, we still believe a promise and a handshake are sacred. Our unwavering commitment is to make you look good to you customers, to make doing business with us as easy as possible, to fill every order correctly, and to ship in a timely fashion.

Herman Post

President, iBarn

Herman Post remembers helping his father milk Guernsey cows as a child. Now a key principal in their construction business, he understands well the world of new dairy barn builds. He obsesses over the client experience and truly believes business relationships are to be treasured.

Brian Vanderhoeven also grew up on a dairy farm, then spent years in the lighting manufacturing industry. As a result he knows iBarn’s products well and offers our dealer partners a breadth of knowledge and experience.

Brian Vanderhoeven

General Manager, iBarn

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