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How Free-stall Design Impacts Milk Production

Free-stalls have emerged as the dominant housing option for dairy cattle, replacing traditional tie-stall and stanchion barns to take the top spot. Typically comprised of stalls, cow traffic alleys, and feed alleys, they provide a clean, comfortable living space for dairy cows. Done correctly, they have enormous benefits for cow welfare and can lead to increased milk production. Free-stall Design Free-stall dimensions must be appropriate to accommodate a cow standing, resting, and rising without risk of injury or pain. Modern-day dairy cows are bigger than their milk-producing ancestors. As such, it’s important to ensure that stalls are big enough to

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How Lighting Conditions Impact Dairy Cow Reproduction

Lighting conditions are one of the most important environmental factors to get right in a dairy barn. Increasing the duration of light exposure for lactating cows increases milk production by up to 10%, but light levels also significantly impact reproduction. Therefore, when the ultimate goal is to get heifers into the milking herd and producing high-volume, high-quality milk as quickly as possible, the right lighting system is crucial. Lighting Systems for Dairy Cows Typically, two photoperiods (the duration of daily light exposure) are used commonly in the dairy industry, long-day lighting and short-day lighting. Long-day lighting – 16 hours of

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